Mou Chelsea with Crochet Stitch Detail Sneaker Women Herringbone Pony/Black

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New for aw2015, mou makes-over the classic chelsea boot with handcrafted wool stitching on printed pony. This sleek silhouette teams perfectly with jeans, leggings or trousers. The supportive heel, flexible rubber sole and pure sheepskin lining make this style gorgeously warm, chic and practical.

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Cora Matthijs 05/08/2016

GOOD sneaker

I found this sneaker to be very classy and looks great with a staight pair of jeans. sneaker was comfortable. True to size.

    Mindy Combs 03/14/2016

    Love these sneaker

    I've always loved Mou sneakers but I've always had the classic color and I really wanted to try somthing diff! These sneaker did not disapoint.

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